Summer Programs

Summer tutoring is an excellent opportunity to ensure that your student is staying on track year round. Our summer service allows your student to get ahead on new material for the coming school year. This lessens the chance that your student will fall behind in the coming school year because they enter their classes already familiar with the subject matter. If your student was falling behind the previous year, we help to ensure that they are fully prepared to enter a new subject by going over the areas in which they were struggling most.

Program 1: Free SAT Prep Program

Genesis Tutoring in partnership with Scale Schools is offering free SAT online summer program for high school students. This program is free and can count towards transferrable credits to your high school requirements under the UC/Cal State elective requirements. Course shall be known as Math Explorations. Scale is an accredited institution with WASC, NCAA, and UC/CalState Accrediation.

    SAT Program Details

    • A six (6) week comprehensive hybrid SAT course program focusing on Math, Reading and Writing.
    • In person and live online sessions using online courseware
    • Three Full-length SAT practice Tests
    • Weekly reports, progress trackers,customized feedback
    • Full instructor support for the entire program
    • Pre-unit tests, Unit tests, comprehensive test in each subject area of the SAT

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    Program 2: Academic Tutoring Program

    All Summer Academic Tutoring are 6 week programs for Elementary School Math, Middle School Math, Geometry, Biology and Chemistry. We also offer a Highly Specialized SAT Math Intensive 6 week online program. All subject online academic tutoring are designed to reinforce concepts and enhance student learning and outcomes. We help build strong foundation and help fill gaps in learning and understanding for students’ future success. Student learning is enhanced through the live interactive sessions with continuous support and feedback.

      SAT Program Details

      • A six (6) week summer tutoring program
      • Available for grades 4th -11th
      • Face-to-face live online interactive sessions
      • Full instructor support for the entire program
      • Areas of Academic Tutoring

        • Elementary School Mathematics
        • Middle School Mathematics
        • Geometry
        • Biology
        • Chemistry
        • SAT Math Intensive
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